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Wiretap Cases

Defending the Wiretap and Media Interception Case

If you have been charged with a crime that involves evidence of phone wiretap or other thpes of media interception evidence you must retain the legal services of an experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney, Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., who has the experience and skills to defend you against such cases and protect your rights to insure that you obtain the best results possible. Call for your appointment at Office (908) 354-7006, 24-hour cell phone for emergencies at (201) 240-5716

In recent years county prosecutors have used wiretaps to dismantal gang activity in New Jersey. In every county prosecutors have vigerously obtained court orders allowing law enforcement to listen to phone conversations of suspected gang members. If one or more gang members is heard discussing a crime or potential crime, all of the gang members are charged with racketeering.

Wiretap and Spousal Privilege. For a victory for spousal communications the appellate division in State v. Terry recently held that text messages and cell phone communications between husband and wife are privileges communications. The prosecutor argued that because the husband and wife were communicating regarding drug distribution that the crime-fraud exception applied. The appellate division disagreed held that the in New Jersey there is no crime-fraud exception for communications between husband and wife, notwithstanding that the federal court recognized such exception as well as many states. Evidence Rule 509 is clear that any communication between husband and wife cannot be used against either spouse, unless it is admitted for purposes of domestic violence or if one of the spouses is a crime victim of the other. In State v. Mauti, 208 N.J. 519 (2012), our supreme court also reaffirmed the principal that a wife cannot be compelled to testify against her husband. If you have been charged with a crime in which the prosecutor is seeking a conviction based on a phone wiretap or media interception you must seek the legal advise of an experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney, Attorney Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., who has the experience to competently defend you against these types of highly specialized cases.

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