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Sample Civil Right Cases

Note, because many of our firms civil rights cases, police misconduct cases, have been settled without going to trial, some of the municipalities listed have required confidentiality agreements, as a condition of settlement. Therefore, we are not permitted to devulge the municipality police department involved or the amount of settlement for some of these cases. Also included are some relevant blogs on the topic of civil rights.

1. Double standard applied to the New Jersey State Police.

2. 2011, Superior Court, Essex County, New Jersey. Federal §1983 action brough in State court against the Township of Irvington regarding an assault by convicted Irvington Police Officer Brian Rice, who along with his K-9 dog ("Bilko") brutally attacked the plaintiff by unleahing his K-9 to attack the plaintiff, as well as Patrolman Rice repeately striking my client's head with his service revolver. Results: Case settled for a published amount. To read more about case read my blog at:

3. 2005, U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Federal § 1983 action brought against town in Bergen County, N.J. Township of Rutherford, for violations of township officers engaged in excessive force and violated plaintiffs' 4th and 5th Amendment rights. Additionally, plaintiffs' criminal defense attorneys were brought into the suit for forcing the plaintiffs' in the original criminal prosecution to stipulate to probable cause for the arrest. Case settled in plaintiffs' favor and monetary payment made to the plaintiffs by the Township Police Department and former attorneys.

4. 2005, U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Sexual assault and assault of juvenile inmate by fellow inmates while under the custody of county jail and county sheriff's officers. Six figure settlement for juvenile plaintiff.

5. 2001, U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Hudson County City attempted to evict family of four from public housing, based on husband's 25 year old municipal court disorderly person's conviction. Injuction filed in federal court and the eviction proceeding are stayed in Superior Court, pending federal proceedings. Result: City Housing Authority settles with family allowing them to remain in public housing and agrees to pay family's attorney's fees in costs.

6. U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Trenton. Municipal police force failed to giive medical care to an insulin dependent diabetic. As a result the detainee suffered from insulin shock, and was hospitalized for five days. Result: Municipality settled with client and paid substantial amount of attorney's fees and costs prior to trial.

7. United District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Municipality housing authority attempted to evict a family of five, based on the father's 30 year conviction in municipal court of a drug offense. Result: District Court stayed eviction. Municipality settled with family and allowed family to stay in housing. In addition, municipality paid family's attorney's fees and costs.

8. U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Police officers after automobile stop planed false evidence in client's automobile and filed false police report. Result: Municipality settled for a substantial settlement. Police officers involved suspended, fined and reprimanded by police force.

9. U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Racial profiling of black motorists. Result: Municipality settled with defendants almost immediately after suit filed.

10. U.S. District Court, Judicial District of New Jersey, Newark. Officers involved in excessive force and failure to provide insulin to client after arrest. Result: Municipality settled after suit was filed.

11. Essex County, Superior Court. Police Officers arrest Egyptian National standing in front of train station, without probable cause, and charged client with charges that were not substantiated. Police officers made racial and ethic slurs at client. Result: Settlement paid to client prior to jury selections.

12. Essex County, Superior Court. Police department refused medical care to cllient after his arrest. Result: Settlement paid to client by police department.