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Criminal Appeals

If You Have Been Arrested or Charged with a Crime or Disorderly Person’s Offense, Call Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., (Cell Phone 201-240-5716 or Office 908-354-7006) you Owe it to Yourself and the People Who Care About You. Choosing the Right Attorney Will be the Most Important Decision You will Make.

Unfortunately, more times than the system wants to admit a jury or judge makes a mistake and an innocent man or woman is convicted of a crime in which he or she did not commit. Additionally, many times trial errors are made by the defendant’s previous trial attorney, or the error of a trial judge which requires an appeal so that the conviction can be reversed.

Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., has handled many criminal appeals in which he has been successful in overturning convictions. Attorney Sanzone has the experience and knowledge in handling your Municipal Court, Superior Court or Federal Court Appeal. Attorney Sanzone has argued criminal appeals before the Federal Third Circuit (Philadelphia) and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Richmond Virginia).

Attorney Sanzone has successfully argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court, and won. See You tube of Video of Oral Arguments before NJ Supreme Court in State v. Burr

Published opinions in which convictions have been overturned and defendants have been exonerated by Attorney Sanzone include.

State v. Navarro, 392 N.J. Super. 538, 921 A.2d 1135 (1995), conviction reserved by Supreme Court in 139 N.J. 279, 653 A.2d 1130 (1995)

State v. Franklin Burr, 92 N.J. Super. 538 (App. Div. 2007), 921 A.2d 1135 (2007)

State v. Franklin Jack Burr, 195 N.J. 119, 948 A.2d 627 (2008)

In addition to the foregoing published Superior Court opinions, Attorney Sanzone has successfully appealed many municipal court convictions in which the municipal court’s finding of guilt has been overturned.

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