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Recent DWI Court Results

If You Have Been Arrested or Charged with a Crime or Disorderly Person’s Offense, Call Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., (Cell Phone 201-240-5716 or Office 908-354-7006) you Owe it to Yourself and the People Who Care About You. Choosing the Right Attorney Will be the Most Important Decision You will Make.

If you are arrested in New Jersey for any crime, (felony) or disorderly person’s offense (New Jersey does not have misdemeanors like most States, in New Jersey they are called disorderly person’s offenses) you must be aware of your criminal rights.

February 3, 2014, Union Township Municipal Court, defendant charged with refusal and DWI the defendant facing minimum of 7-months loss of license for the refusal charge. Results: Dismissal of the refusal charge based on the confusion doctrine since patrol officer at scene orderd the defendant to submit to portable breath testing device which confused the defendant at headquarters as to his rights, since believing that he had already submitted to breath test. Only three months loss of license on the DWI charge. May 20, 2013, Springfield Township Municipal Court, defendant charged with CDS (controlled dangerous substance in automobile), mandatory 2 year loss of license, and DUI, driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics. Results: All charges dismissed.

Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI/DUI)

According to a New York Times study, New Jersey has some of the toughest laws in the Nation.[1] According to that same study, if a conviction is obtained New Jersey has some of the harshest penalties in the country. For example, unlike most states, like New York, New Jersey does not limited work driving licenses during the period of time of a DWI suspension.

Under New Jersey Law, a motorist charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, or in other states driving under the influence (DUI), a conviction can be obtained if the State proves beyond a reasonable doubt either the motorist had a blood alcohol reading of over .08 percent or exhibited behavior, usually through the police officer administering road side sobriety tests, that the motorist was driving under while impaired with alcohol or under the influence of drugs. Unlike most states, the New Jersey judiciary has eviscerated common defenses used in other states. Accordingly, New Jersey has the highest DWI conviction rates in the nation. New Jersey does not allow jury trials like most states. Further, New Jersey is the only state in the entire country that does not allow the defense of “extrapolation”. This defense allows the testimony of an expert witness, to calculate backward what the blood alcohol level was during the period of operation, as opposed to the time the test was administered. This is based on the scientific principal that it takes time for the alcohol in the stomach to get into the bloodstream.

In spite of those hard facts, acquittals are sometimes obtained in Municipal Court, or through appeal, the Superior Court, or Appellate Division. Faced with this tough challenge Attorney Sanzone has obtained not guilty verdicts through a variety of methods, which include, filing suppress motions to suppress the motor vehicle stop as being without reasonable suspicion. Most acquittals, however, come from actual trials, in which the State is forced to present the testimony of the police officer. In those cases the prosecutor through the direct testimony of the police officer, must get into evidence all of the documents connected with the blood alcohol machine. Under the new Alcotest 71110 machine the State must introduce correctly 19 separate documents. In these types of cases this is where the experience of trial attorney comes into play, with trial skill, use of evidentiary objections and advocacy, to prevent those documents from coming into evidence, and increasing the chances of an acquittal.

In addition to foregoing there is an automatic minimum seven months loss of license for any motorist who refuses to submit to a breath test once properly arrested, with probable cause, for suspected DWI. Note, that same refusal does not apply to a motorist who is taken to the hospital for a blood test who can still legally refuse to submit to a blood test. Of course, if a court order is issued for the taking of the blood, than the refusal would be unlawful.

With the new Alcotest 7110 machine the State must present the following. 1. The breath temperature must be measured and controlled by a breath temperature sensor. If the machine does not have a sensor, the final reading must be lowered by 6.58%. 2. If the defendant is a female over 60 years of age, her minimum volume breath rate into the machine should be 1.2 liters. 3. The tolerance range for all tests cannot exceed .005%, plus or minus. 4. The municipal court has discretion in admitting all of the machines records under the business records exception, provided however, that proper foundations are lied, including all of the foundational documents showing the machine was in proper working order. Results: The DWI charge is winnable. See my dicussion of a recent case in which a number of motions were used to have the entire case dimissed.

Results: The DWI charge is winnable. See my dicussion of a recent case in which a number of motions were used to have the entire case dimissed.

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